Introducing: Collaborative Canadian act Flõstate debut hazy single "Time"

"..entwining captivating soundscapes with spell-binding vocal lines... the airy guitar lines and decisive percussion build a contrasting sonic support that ebbs and flows like a midnight dance between two free-spirited souls" - This Song Is Sick


Lekker Collective

Brand new duo Flõstate release debut single "Time" (on May 27th via Lekker Collective).
A sedated downtempo R&B offering, "Time" is the first of many for the Canadian act, who create music building out from intimate jam sessions, producing songs which "happen in the moments that we’re not looking".

Comprised of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Avery Florence and producer MKSTN, Flõstate embody a spell-casting, fantasy RnB sound which serves to represent the space in between moments.

Mike: Time was a very interesting process for me because it was one of our first songs we wrote together. The main idea was created in a very short period of time. Almost instantaneous. It was the first song that really made me feel a new energy I’ve never felt. This was the song that made me believe we had something going on that was beyond myself. The song is about time as a tangible object. In terms of production, I wanted to go with something that evolved over the length of the track. I purposely tried to fit things that wouldn’t normally go together to mess with the “time” and feel. The key instruments and heart of this track aside from the vocals is the Morrocan horn (which I impulsively bought in Morocco when I almost died hiking… also the reed broke so the horn lives in this song only forever lol), the Wah-Wah rhodes, and Electric guitar. A lot of it was experimentation on how to create flow and space between everything, but I wanted it to feel like an unpredictable journey from hopeful and melancholy, to eerie, dark, and mysterious.


This song feels like floating to me.

This song is called Time, but it evokes the feeling of being in a timeless state. All that exists is the connection between people. I see the themes of this song as an introduction to what Flostate means.

The song feels a little dangerous, urging you to jump in/ finally let go & spill over the edge.

The musical contrast of wavy guitar & sharp percussion fuses day & night.

Like day & night, you feel time slow down and speed up simultaneously. Love, connection are timeless.

The horn sounds like a call, bewitching you to move slower.


“Flõstate is a fantasy R&B duo from space. Consisting of producer Michael Le and songwriter Avery Florence, two worlds collide creating multi-instrumental soundscapes and virtuous vocals. Flõstate is the effortless, endless search. Time is their much anticipated debut single”.

May 23, 2020 3:00pm ET by Lekker Collective  

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