"Once Upon a Quarantime" Set to Premiere May 20 on Lifetime



Los Angeles, CA - With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting lives across the nation, Lifetime is set to premiere the unscripted special, Once Upon a Quarantime, Wednesday, May 20 at 9pm ET/PT, following four couples who have been self-filming their new reality during the crisis. Featuring raw and emotional self-shot footage over 60 days, the one-hour television event offers an intimate "fly on the wall" look at how these couples are facing major life milestones - from pregnancies and changes in birth plans to quarantine weddings and border barriers separating fiancés - all while living life under lockdown.

The four couples featured in Once Upon a Quarantime include:


First time parents Shannon and John have chosen to revise their hospital birth plan, opting for a home birth in a birthing pool. Shannon thinks it's a great idea, but John is not convinced.

JENNIFER AND ROMAIN - California & France

Jennifer and Romain's wedding in a French castle has been derailed by the pandemic. The couple applied for a visa for him to return to the States, but now the visa offices are closed indefinitely and France's borders are closed, further testing their love.


Baby number 3 is due and the couple is balancing homeschooling their kids while prepping for birth. Marquis is the only person allowed to go to the hospital with Camillia and once he is there will not be able to leave, so the couple may be in lockdown at the hospital for days.

CRYSTAL AND LUIS - Southern California

Luis and Crystal's Mexican wedding is all planned and their families who live in Mexico are pressuring them to come down and get married. Unsure if they will be able to get back into the U.S. if they travel to Mexico, the couple is debating whether to take the risk or devise a new wedding plan.

Once Upon a Quarantime is produced for Lifetime by the Six West Media(TM) group. Executive producers include Steve Ascher, Kristy Sabat, Kathleen Blake and Matt Solomon, joined by co-executive producers Allie Breslin and Cindy Keenan. Amy Winter, Gena McCarthy, Brie Miranda Bryant and Nicole Vogel serve as executive producers for Lifetime.

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May 12, 2020 5:25pm ET by Lifetime  

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