South Florida Songstress Flortcha Flow Releases New Single “War”


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Soulful singer Flortcha Flow released her new single entitled “War," Tuesday May 26, 2020. The single was written as a homage to the healthcare professionals standing on the frontlines during the global COVID-19 crisis and attempts to bridge the gap between her career as a nurse and independent artist.

Flortcha wrote and recorded her first single in 2017, and has been working towards becoming South Florida’s next big multicultural soul sensation. Her signature sound is one of vulnerability, honesty, and emotion. As a lyricist, she writes about her personal experiences and shares those memories with each one of her listeners. She began singing after her mother joined the church choir, and has been writing original songs acknowledging her experiences as a Haitian immigrant ever since.

“War” is a powerful song narrating Flortcha’s own career as a nurse in the intensive care unit. It will also serve as a dedication to the millions of workers in hospitals everyday fighting to keep patients alive. The single is available on all music streaming platforms and via .


Meet Flortcha Flow, a first-generation Haitian immigrant looking to make waves as an independent multicultural artist. Her unique sound can be described as soulful and expressive, as she harmonizes about her personal experiences as a 25-year old navigating through life in America. When she was just 10 years old, her parents left their lives in Port-au-Prince behind and began a new journey in South Florida. Flortcha’s mother was a singer in their church choir, spreading her musical influences to her young daughter who soon began showing interest in music herself. In 2017, Flortcha wrote and released her first original song—the catalyst that led to her emerging career as an artist. A very layered and profound individual, Flortcha has also had a successful career as a nurse for the past 4 years, currently serving on the frontlines during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

When thinking of Flortcha Flow, a keyword to remember is vulnerability. As a pensive lyricist, Flortcha’s music reminds us to be appreciative of all human emotions. Her words speak of truthfulness, loss, pain, joy, and disappointment—she makes sure to paint pictures of her diverse identity often with the use of Creole and French lyrics in her songs. Her upcoming project entitled “War” attempts to bridge the gap between her two worlds as a songstress and healthcare worker. In the future, Flortcha anticipates performing at live venues and getting the opportunity to share her art and multicultural experience with a larger audience. As a relatively universal artist, Flortcha Flow is excited to create an impact that transcends beyond the soul, alternative, and pop genres that she so comfortably flourishes in.

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