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Little Mix: 'You get scrutinised in every way possible as a woman'

Girl group Little Mix have opened up about having to deal with constant pressure and have now become global ambassadors for USA Pro, which is a fitness wear company. 

As part of their new agreement, the 'Black Magic' beauties will personally design their own gym collection as they encourage people to get stylish and fit at the same time. The singers explained that they've had to develop thicker skin to deal with the criticism they face where their appearance is concerned:

"It can be quite hard times, especially for a woman, because you get scrutinised in every way possible. You need to have a very thick skin if you’re in this industry and you have to be very sure of who you are as a person.

They also offered some advice on how to cope with pressure, adding: "Try not to get caught up in looking perfect because, nobody’s perfect, regardless of what you see on Instagram. We don’t know many people that put up pictures on social media and keep it as what it is, it’s not real life and that’s not what people actually look like."

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Watch footage of Little Mix backstage below:


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