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Little Mix's Perrie reveals fitness secrets and favourite workouts

'Black Magic' songstress Perrie Edwards has opened up about the kind of exercise she enjoys doing. 

Speaking to Maximum Pop about how she manages to stay motivated, the beauty explained that having fun while working out makes it something she wants to do:

"One of the things that keeps me motivated is when we’re on tour, because the tour rehearsals that we have, and the preparation for it is so intense, that’s when I get fit, that’s when we all build our stamina, because it’s like exercising the fun way, to dance or do something you enjoy so it occupies you a bit, even Yoga, Pilates, or something like that."

When asked if she has any fitness secrets, Edwards added: "It’s really random, but my mum said, doing little ten minute outbursts of exercise is actually more beneficial. So yes, I have my little ten minutes. Any kind of bum exercises, I don’t know how you describe it, but you know when your on all fours and you lift one leg in the air, then you hold and pulse.  I’d do that one, I do the one where you lie on your side.  Anything to benefit my bum, my legs and my abs, I do sit ups, crunches, arm exercises."

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