Shonali Bhowmik releases new single Bomb Shelter along with A Trippy AI Music Video


Shonali Bhowmik/Tigers and Monkeys/Little Lamb Recordings

Shonali Bhowmik releases new breezy pop single Bomb Shelter along with her first ever full length AI Music Video.

As an artist who has straddled the lines between alt rock, pop, country and punk throughout her career, the pop breezy sounds of Shonali Bhowmik’s newest single Bomb Shelter are a result of what she calls “an undeniable need to melt into a ball nothingness and just breathe.” During the pandemic, the messiness of the world which included the recent passing of her father forced her into a creative hibernation. When she pushed herself to move on with it, she imagined she had joined the Muppets and was just "tagging along and feeling dumb” allowing something light and bright to carrying me forward. Writing this song was also a way to process the fact that 24/7 social media feeds will always be how the majority of people get their news and entertainment. Rather than becoming paralyzed at home without her Tigers and Monkeys bandmates, she dove into experimenting on her laptop with minimal equipment using synth horns and keys, (additional mastering by Tigers and Monkeys bandmate Jason Lam) creating a plush soundscape for the days of summer ahead. Jason who is also an animation producer, says that the added psychoacoustic noise is supposed to work subliminally in your mind to make you feel extra good.

Upon Shonali’s request, Jason created what he believes may be the first full length AI music video ever created. Shonali asked Jason whether it was possible to us AI video software to make a music video for the song incorporating some of her own dream sequences into a video. The result is a wild journey into the trippy world of AI video. Jason Lam has brought to AI life Shonali’s dreams including giant bunnies, dancing pandas, a hot dog eating contest, being a baton twirler or flying in the sky like a super hero in a way in which the world has never been seen before unless perhaps they’ve been on psychedelics. Shonali notes “this video is fantastically more fun, more surreal and more disturbing than my dreams are!”


Shonali Bhowmik is a musician, actress, comedienne, filmmaker and writer. She is the leader of the indie rock band Tigers and Monkeys for which she is the songwriter, singer, and guitar player. She currently co-hosts her own live variety show podcast series called We Don’t Even Know. She is a member of the popular comedy collective Variety Shac, with Chelsea Peretti, Heather Lawless and Andrea Rosen. Shonali was the host of the Shac’s popular Upright Citizen’s Brigade live show. She has also created television pilots for the Adult Swim and IFC networks. She wrote and directed the award winning short film, Sardines Out Of A Can which was screened in 6 cities across the globe including Madrid, Spain; Bangalore, India. She has her own independent music and comedy record label called Little Lamb Recordings. She was one of the leaders of Ultrababyfat who was featured in David Cross’ tour DVD Let America Laugh. Shonali has released eight albums including her solo full length release 100 Oaks Revival and those with her rock n’ roll outfits,Tigers and Monkeys and Ultrababyfat. Tigers and Monkeys' last album Saturday Destroyer was released in September 2018. Shonali can be seen in the feature length romantic comedy, Isn’t It Romantic?. Shonali will be releasing a new solo full length album in fall 2023.

April 20, 2023 9:00am ET by Shonali Bhowmik/Tigers and Monkeys/Little Lamb Recordings  

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