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Lorde has the 'best day ever' after her parents get engaged

'Royals' hitmaker Lorde has revealed that her parents are finally engaged after 30 years of being together. 

Writing on her official Twitter page much earlier today (June 17), the songstress explained that it was a long time coming, but she's so happy that her father proposed to her mother after such an extensive relationship: "BEST DAY - went to Niagara Falls - my dad proposed to my mum after almost 30 years together."

After sharing the exciting news with her followers, Lorde (pictured above left with her mother) was met with many remarks about one of her song lyrics, in which she sings, "I've never seen a diamond in the flesh", and humorously retorted: "Inevitable response. Yes I know, I have seen a diamond now."

Back in May, the New Zealand native opened up about her family and confessed that they taught her to be 'feisty' and strong-minded: "We're one of the louder, more insane families. We're all super creative and impulsive."

"It's been a good environment to learn how to speak your mind, you know? And be feisty. And unapologetic. But weirdly, I'm the quietest member of my family. It took me a while to be able to find a voice in terms of being able to talk to people."

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Watch a recent interview and performance by Lorde for the BBC below: