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Lorde says her mum wouldn't allow her to become a 'diva'

Lorde has admitted that she could never become a diva because her mother would slap it out of her.

The singer told Time Out in a new interview that she often travels with her mum.

She also lives in her parental home and the 18-year-old said that she could never become a stroppy artist as a result.

Lorde said: "I live at home, in my childhood bedroom. I travel with my mum and if I were to ever say anything a little bit diva-esque, she'd knock it right down."

Speaking meanwhile about keeping young in the face of fame, the 'Royals' star added:

"It's important to me that I'm still in touch with my teenage life, even if what I'm doing every day may not be strictly teenage. So the second I get home I'm calling my friends. I love being young and I want to retain that for as long as possible, even if I am like an old lady and working all the time.

"My friends all tease me. We'll go out and get food, and without fail one of them will say, really loud, 'Oh my god! Is that Lorde?' It's so horrible, but they're great."

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