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Lorde on Taylor Swift: 'She is a force of protective energy'

New Zealand-based hitmaker Lorde has opened up about being part of Taylor Swift's inner circle and confessed that it's amazing to have someone around who is so caring. 

Speaking to Billboard about Swift's 'protective' and nurturing nature, the 'Royals' songstress explained that she is incredibly strong and supportive: "Taylor is like this force of protective energy. She looks after everyone she knows."

"We're both interested and involved in the workings of the industry. I have this thing in my head that she should do seminars -- 'Swift's 13 Steps' or something."

Back in November, Lorde told Fader magazine that the 'Out Of The Woods' superstar is 'graceful' where being a celebrity is concerned, which is the right way to handle fame:

"She's probably the most graceful person at being famous that I've seen. You never want to be the kind of person who is like, "It's really hard sometimes!" What we do is awesome. It's f**king amazing. You can't not feel lucky, can't not feel hashtag-blessed."

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