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Lorde: 'People know not to talk down to me'

'Ribs' songstress Lorde has revealed that she's tired of being treated like an irresponsible child just because she's in her teens. 

Speaking to Britain's ELLE magazine recently, she confessed that she was really annoyed when her record label managers suggested they take over her personal Twitter account and doesn't like the fact that teenagers are looked down on so much:

"Teenagers are such a discerning group of people. They'll immediately sniff out anything that feels contrived. I'm constantly scanning myself to see if I'm some corporate executive version of a teenager.

"I've developed a pretty fearsome reputation. People know that if they talk down to me, I'll roll my eyes. It's something people my age have grown up with. You can go on any young person's Tumblr in the world and see people marketing themselves. Everyone my age is like that now. We're all hyper-aware of how we're being seen."

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