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Lorde: 'Vomiting into a bin during a show made me feel like a rock star'

Hitmaker Lorde has opened up about a nasty bout of food poisoning she suffered with during a recent concert. 

During an interview with Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, she confessed that she was halfway through a set when she felt the overwhelming urge to throw up: "This was the worst thing ever!"

"Before I went on stage I hurled and it was gross, but I thought, 'I've just got to get through this show.' And I got through, it but halfway through the last song I just could not stay anymore. I dropped the mic and ran off stage and had to vomit into a bin. It was so gross, but I fully felt like a rockstar."

She also joked that despite singing about luxury in her hit single 'Royals', she actually lives a very stripped back lifestyle although she did make a big purchase "the other day":

"My dad has control of my bank account. I wouldn't be good at being super lavish. I actually bought a queen-size bed the other day. [My parents] were like, 'If you want this you have to buy it.' It's good, I haven't been looking back!"



Watch Lorde's music video for 'Tennis Court' below: