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Friday, June 1, 2018 11:00am ET by  

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Louis Tomlinson encourages One Direction Twitter fan account to keep going

Louis Tomlinson has tweeted his support of a One Direction fan Twitter account, imploring for it to stay active after the account tweeted that it was closing down.

@todays1dhistory tweeted on May 31: "Aaaaand that's all folks! Thank you all so much for the love and support over the years--it's been such an incredible ride!"

Tomlinson reacted on June 1: "Noooooooo I fucking love this account !! Give someone else access so then can keep it up".

The fan account replied: "Uhhhh just kidding guys I'm staying.

"me: bye guys!! It's been great!! Lots of love!! Gonna go get some sleep!! Louis: lmao you really thought.

"So ummmm wow ok definitely a lot to process. Still taking some time but also will definitely be thinking some things over over the next few days. Sending you all lots of love til then".

@todays1dhistory has over 46,000 followers on Twitter and was set up in January 2016. One Direction announced that they would take a break in August 2015 after the release of their fifth album in 2016.

Tomlinson is set to release his highly anticipated upcoming debut album later this year. Earlier this week on May 28 the singer-songwriter tweeted: "Have a great day ! Miss you lot, I’m working my arse off. Proper update soon".

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