ORieL and Richie Stephens new reggae fusion single 'Reason' soon to be released

Reggae Music News -- Back in December of 2013 reggae fusion sensation ORieL Barry, and grammy award winning artist Richie Stephens collaborated on a powerful new single by the name of 'Reason'. The release of the record has been highly anticipated in the reggae communities all around the world and some critics are giving it a thumbs up ahead of time.

The release date is tomorrow, January 13, 2014, and it is set to be a day to remember. The reggae world has not experienced a record with this type of hype around it since (you know who) was around. Those days are finally here again, and 'Reason' is a major reason for the turn of events. Reason was produced by Afar Music Group and co-written by Oriel and Richie Stephens. The rhythm for the song was created by Lloyd 'Cookie' Willacy.

Reason will be released on iTunes and many other mediums for reggae fusion fans all over the world to enjoy. For more information, press, booking, features and music from ORieL contact Linvall Brown -- (724)289-0755 or visit afarmusicgroup.com

Free Stream: The official music video to ORieL 'Confidence' below:

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