Internet Radio: IBFU Radio reveals the top 10 underground artists for week 3 of January 2014

Underground Music News -- Internet radio station IBFU Radio has revealed the top 10 underground rap and r&b artists for week 3 of January 2014. The switch was flipped on Sunday January 19 and the top artists were locked in. Coming in at no. 1 yet again was Young Reaper 'Shake Dat Bootie', followed by Maine 'I Can't Explain It' at no. 2, and Jrell Rainman 'Dope Status' at no. 3.

We could not get a hold of any of the artists for a quote on this day, but did managet to catch up with IBFU Radio's technical engineer, in charge of making sure the music goes up and spins correctly who had this to say about this weeks top ten (10) underground artists.

"Ever week its an epic battle to get to the top of the charts. Honestly on a daily basis I see a brand new artist at the top of the charts. Who ever is at the top of the charts on Sunday is the lucky winner. The charts have seen more consistency in the past few weeks though."

This consistency being a direct result of the increase of listeners from around the world who have taken a liking to certain artists. We all know how a catchy hook, or melody can make you go nuts for a certain record, and the top ten is filled with infectious music.

Take a listen to the no. 2 record on the charts Maine 'I Can't Explain It' below:

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