2014 Reggae Fusion Fest In Pittsburgh Proven to Be A Success

The reggae fusion fest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania packed the house with an estimated attendance between 200 - 250 fans.


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February 2014 saw the anual Reggae Fusion Fest taking place at Bar Marco Pittsburgh. The event kicked off at 10pm with performances by international reggae fusion star Oriel and the Revoluters, Jah Ques, Ras Maisha and more. If you missed the event then you also missed the after party that went on until 2am.

With close to 250 people in the building and a whole lot of good music the Afar Music Group C.E.O and event co-ordinator Linval 'Shem' Brown says "The RRF was a great success, we packed the venue to the point we had to turn away people who wanted to enter, so we are looking forward to a bigger venue the next time around".

I am sure the fans are looking forward to next time around as well. Reggae Fusion Fest goers like Natalie Madden raved "Had a great time!! Absolutely, fabulous." Those were her exact words. For more information on future Afar Music Group events you can visit their official fan page at facebook.com/afarmusicgroup.

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