New York Rapper E-reign Unveils Official Music Video to Money Calling

"Long Island, New York rapper E-reign has released one of the top hip hop music videos this year. The 'Money Calling' official music video is a visual work of art."

Written by Focus the Producer (Major Music Promotions / Dirty Scope Beatz)

The lead single 'Money Calling' (ESM Entertainment), off the rapper E-reign's upcoming project 'Election Day' (ESM Entertainment) is already making major waves in cyber space since its release to YouTube April 4, 2014. The video is averaging over 200 views per day, and shows no signs of slowing down. Currently it is on track to being E-reign's most successful upload yet.

The music video features visuals of the young rapper on his every day grind. From making music, to meeting with top executives discussing business, this music video has it all. We could very well be looking at the next viral hit of the year with this one. 'Money Calling' (ESM Entertainment) is here to take the world by storm.

This is the 2014 hip hop street anthem for the every day working individual, or the everyday hustler. The video was Directed by JAYONEZ. The song is available for download on AmazonMP3, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify.

Watch the Money Calling (ESM Entertainment) Official Music Video below:

Download the MP3 version of 'Money Calling' on AmazonMP3:

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