Junior Mixtape InsomniAK from Akron, Ohio Rapper, AK Sponsored by Datpiff

The junior mixtape from AK the Rapper is causing quite the frenzy amongst social networking communities.


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Hashtag #InsomniAK is the trending topic around the twittasphere lately. The release of AK the Rapper's latest mixtape InsomniAK has caused quite an uproar. This makes the third release from the rapper in recent years, and undoubtedly his biggest yet. Since its upload 48 hours ago the mixtape has been shared over 200 times via facebook, twitter and google+.

The mixtape was sponsored by Datpiff and provides free downloads for all fans on the house. With InsomniAK, AK the Rapper brings back the sounds of the late 80s and early 90s. With featured production from producers like Pete Rock and BugSeed adding to the quality of sound this mixtape is sure to go down in history as one of the greatest releases of all time from an underground rapper from Akron, Ohio.

The records from InsoniAK have already received a combined 22,697 plays and 1,261 likes. They have also been reposted over 400 times via soundcloud, making this one tough independent release to compete with. When asked about the mixtape AK the Rapper said simply put "200,000 is the goal" speaking of downloads. The equivalent of a platinum album in the digital market.

Download the InsomniAK mixtape on Datpiff

Official music video to AKA via YouTube

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