Focus The Producer Announces Top 40 Djs Affiliate Network

New independent recording artist support network is on the way.

Focus The Producer (DirtyScopeBeatz) along with Dj CL Kash (IBFU Radio Live-XM) had joined mentals to launch a new independent support effort. The 'Top 40 Djs' affiliate network, is a hip hop collective of club and radio djs who spin independent music on a regular basis. The collective aims to begin breaking independent records and giving them more of a fighting chance. "When your music is spread across 40 radio stations your fan base can increse really quickly" said Focus The Producer. A fact that most independent artists know all too well.

Any club or radio Dj's who are looking to gain some more exposure and publicity should take note that Focus The Producer is still in fact looking for Djs to join this affiliate network. If you are a radio Dj or Club Dj looking to expand your market, please feel free to call (504)329-0884.

Some Dj's already on the roster are Dj Black Liquid (WDCE 90.1 Richmond, Virginia), Dj Dot (Club Dj Iowa), Dj Cisco (Dj Cisco Radio, New York)

Check out IBFU Radio Live-XM now:

Check out this new music release below from feature artist Black Diamond


Major Music Promotions

Major Music Promotions is a music promotion and marketing company that represents independent artists and record labels worldwide. Providing radio promotion, sales promotion and publicity to bring more eyes and ears to your music and your music career. Through personal connections with the radio, the media and thousands of fans worldwide our reach surpasses 14.7 million with the best results. Focus The Producer (Publicist) uses his established notability to reel in the recognition.

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