YouTube Viral Music Report: Underground rapper E-reign from New York

New music release report for the E-reign 'Pop Bottles' and 'Money Calling'

There is no question E-reign is the top underground rapper from Long Island, New York. His music is reaching new heights on a daily basis. His lead single 'Money Calling' from the 'Election Day EP' is making headlines all across the globe. With over 1,000 youtube views since it's release this new music release is taking the world of YouTube by storm in a 100% organic fashion.

Speaking of underground rapper E-reign's new music releases for 2014, his latest release 'Pop Bottles' is not even a full 3 days into the youtube music market and has already gained 70 views. E-reign is surely soon to be on radio stations across the nation with this type of attention being paid to his name. Look forward to the end of the month hip hop sales reports to see what it reveals.

Watch 'Money Calling' and 'Pop Bottles' on YouTube Below:

YouTube Source Link:

YouTube Source Link:


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