YouTube Viral Music Report: Underground r&b artist 'Maine' from New York

Singer from long island gains 2,000 new viewers

Maine is one of the top underground r&b artists in the world. Currently listed in the top 10 on google for his niche and being the only standalone r&b artist doing so. Maine is 1/3 of the hip hop music group Bigg East along with H and Dinco D (Formerly of Leaders of the New School). It's plain to see that Maine has viral intentions with the internet buzzing already about his previous releass.

His lead single I Can't Explain It has garnered much attention. It debuted at no.3 on youtube and although it later fell back it has still managed to pull in over 1,000 viewers since its initial release between the audio version and the official music video. Maine has dropped a few follow up records to I Can't Explain It but none have been decided as the official second single.

'I Can't Explain It' official music video:
YouTube Link:

Download I Can't Explain It Here:


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