Hip Hop Album Sales, Week Ending 6/15/2014: Major Music Promotions

Houston, Texas rapper Black Diamond takes a giant first week leap on AmazonMP3. Meanwhile underground r&b artist Maine makes a huge comeback along with underground rapper E-reign to complete a valiant 2nd week effort of their own.

Promoter and Publicist Focus The Producer was in awe this Saturday to find that every artist under his Major Music Promotions umbrella had been ranked very highly on the AmazonMP3 top sellers list. He immediately took to twitter to congratulate all of the artists on their success. "That is something I had to make public knowledge." he said during a brief father's day interview.

19 year old Texas rapper Black Diamond's Real landed at #12,499 on the AmazonMP3 best seller's list this week. This effort also made Black Diamond the top Major Music Promotions artist for the week 2 of June, 2014. "How did this happen so fast?" asked Black Diamond as Focus The Producer broke the news to him about his new status. Focus The Producer replied, you can't deny good music.

➥ Amazon Sales Citation: http://www.amazon.com/Real-Explicit-Black-Diamond/dp......

Underground r&b artist Maine's I Can't Explain It landed at #37,070 on the AmazonMP3 best seller's list this week, landing him at no.2 out of the Major Music Promotions team of artists. This is not a surprise as 'I Can't Explain It' is a 12 time number 1 single on IBFU Radio.

Amazon Sales Citation: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00.....

Underground rapper
E-reign's Money Calling landed at #90,054 on the AmazonMP3 best seller's list this week, giving him the 3rd and final position on the Major Music Promotions sales report. This single has had tons of publicity behind it and is much deserving of the incoming sales. Money Calling is a favorite for Radio and Club DJ's and is currently ranked in the top 10 on IBFU Radio.

Amazon Sales Citation: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00.....

In his modesty Focus The Producer did not want to take away from his artists by mentioning his own records, but in light of the accomplishment we thought it would be only fair to mention that the Hip hop record producer, promoter and publicist also landed on the AmazonMP3 best seller's list with his single I'm Fly, which peaked at #40,104. His wife CL Kash who is also the owner of It's So Hard Entertainment, landed at #40,103 with her single Ain't Gone Ever Quit.


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