E-reign Prepares for Nuyorican Poets Cafe Performance

Underground rapper E-reign has been on a spree of performances as of late. From the Nuryorican to Clippers II this artist is on a touring rampage.


LONG ISLAND, N.Y. -- Major Music Promotions 2014

June 29, 2014
is the date of the next live performance. Underground rapper E-reign will be gracing the stage of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe once again. Undoubtedly a croud favorte as he has performed here numerous times in the past, E-reign looks to wow the crowd yet again.

E-reign is a young and talented rapper from New York City, who has been very successful in recent times. With his lead single 'Money Calling' he peaked at 94,000 on the AmazonMP3 best seller's list, and now with his most recent single 'Pop Bottles' he has stunned critics with a rank of 22,000 on the best seller's list.

His website ereignmusic.com was most recently ranked by Alexa (Amazon's website data and ranking company) at 996,964  worldwide and in the Unites States a shocking rank of 171,320. This accomplishment after only less than a year ago publishing the website for public viewing.

Pop Bottles by E-reign


♦︎ Pop Bottles Available on iTunes:

Money Calling by E-reign

♦ Money Calling Available on iTunes:

♦ Follow E-reign on Twitter @EREIGNESM

♦ E-reign's Official Website: http://www.ereignmusic.com


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