19 year old Texas rapper Black Diamond prepares to drop 2nd worldwide single

Black Diamond prepares to drop his latest single 'Nothing Personal' for fans on iTunes.

New York City, New York -- Aug 05, 2014 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- The 19 year old phenom Black Diamond has announced today that his 2nd worldwide single 'Nothing Personal' will be released on iTunes August 5, 2014. His first single 'Real' claimed instant attention from fans worldwide with listeners tuning on to Spotify in 5 different countries in the first 24 hours to hear his debut single. "This single is not targeted at anybody, but if you take it personally we will assume you are guilty" says Black Diamond in regards to the things said on his latest single.

'Nothing Personal' is a very fired up single and has been much awaited by fans. His facebook posts about the single have received hundreds of interactions. The leak of his artwork two days ago is actually the young stars most popular post to date with over 150 interactions. Don't be surprised if you hear this single on your local radio station some day very soon. There are more than 50 radio stations already opted in to play this single on its release date. Check out all of Black Diamond's previous releases on the Spotify playlist below.

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