Unsigned rapper 'The Internet CEO' says the south does it big in the music industry

Unsigned rap artist 'The Internet CEO' has released his first single 'Big Boy' worldwide and seeks to be the first producer, rapper, author and internet mastermind to break into hip hop.


With the release of his major debut single The Internet CEO is proclaiming the south as the Big Boy of the game. "Worldwide and all across the nation we do it big" says The Internet CEO in the urban baller's anthem. The CEO has long been in pursuit of his hip hop dreams and has now devised what he believes to be the perfect recipe for long term success.

Coming from the northern parts of Florida less known for hip hop is as hard a task as it gets. No sweat at all though when you have the business mind of the greats. The Internet CEO has launched a new campaign to tackle the world of music from the inside out. Where most artists try tap dance around the scenes in hopes of being heard, he plans to drive his music into the heart of hip hop and give it no choice but to learn to love his presence.

Resource to music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBMXfM9iX7w&feature=youtu.be


August 25, 2014 10:36am ET by Forbes Music Entertainment   Comments (0)

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