Forbes Music Inc. Announces 2014 Awards Nominees

All awards nominees are locked in for the 1st Annual Forbes Music Awards.

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Forbes Music Inc.

This week Forbes Music Inc. announced the nominees for its annual awards. The winners are decided by their broadcast and media group "Unsigned Media Connections" as well as fans from all around the world. These nominees are all underground rap and r&b artists from across the United States. Each has taken on the world of music independently either without a label or with a self owned label. Here are a list of each award and the nominees.

Forbes Music "Artist Of The Year" (Nominees)

- E-reign (rap)
- Maine (r&b)
- Black Diamond (rap)
- ORieL (reggae)
- Jrell Rainman (rap)

Forbes Music "Viewers Choice 2014" (Nominees with Official Music Videos)

- E-reign w/ "Money Calling"
- ORieL w/ "Confidence"
- E-reign w/ "Pop Bottles"
- Maine w/ "I Can't Explain It"
- JG w/ "Crazy With The Flow"

Forbes Music "Best Single Of 2014" (Nominees with Top Selling and Streaming Singles)

- E-reign w/ Pop Bottles
- ORieL w/ Confidence
- Maine w/ Henney
- JG w/ Crazy With The Flow
- Jrell Rainman w/ Never Forget
- Gutta Tha Kidd w/ What They Talkin Bout

Forbes Music "Breakout Artist of 2014" (Nominees)

- JG
- Gutta Tha Kidd
- Colt Gee
- The Internet CEO
- Black Diamond

Forbes Music "Performance Artist Of 2014" (Nominees)

- E-reign
- Maine
- ORieL
- Jrell Rainman

Forbes Music "UMC Urban Radio Acclaim" (Nominees)

- E-reign
- Maine
- ORieL
- JG
- Jrell Rainman
- Black Diamond
- The Internet CEO
- Gutta Tha Kidd


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The winners of each award will be announced on December 1, 2014. Planning for the Awards Ceremony are still in the works. For more information please contact D'ron Forbes or Christina Lynn Forbes of Forbes Music Inc..

Forbes Music Inc. -

Christina - (718)451-6052

D'ron - (504)329-0884

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