Poughkeepsie rapper "Don Dayo" gearing up for mainstream debut

Forbes Music, Inc's latest roster addition "Don Dayo" is prepared to take the urban music sector by storm. His upcoming release "Superstar" is due to be released in just a few days.

Despite a few minor setbacks due to last minute artwork and mastering changes, Poughkeepsie rapper 'Don Dayo' is steadfast in his plans to release his debut single 'Superstar' in the process of promoting his upcoming album (still yet to be titled).

The single was originally released on his 'Scorpion Stamp 2' album but has been remastered to play a role in his mainstream debut. Both Forbes Music, Inc and Dayo's label KNS Records have agreed this song stood out above the others on his 'Scorpion Stamp 2' project and deserved a second run. Rumors have already begun about the artist going out on tour this coming summer.  

"The goal is to set a certain standard with this record and move forward into the future setting new ones." said D'ron Forbes (Forbes Music, Inc President of Independent Radio Promotions). "Don Dayo has the same opportunities provided to him that any other artist has" he continued. He just needs the right people behind him in his pursuit of a career in music.  

Many artists are not given the proper treatment in the independent music industry, but that is where Forbes Music, Inc sets them selves apart. They treat independent artists as if they are signed to the majors and give them the same opportunities like tours, radio promotion, sales promotion and publicity. Look out for lots of good things in the future fromPoughkeepsie rapper Don Dayo, KNS Records and Forbes Music, Inc starting with the hot new single 'Superstar'.


Forbes Music, Inc (PR Division)

January 9, 2015 11:05am ET by Forbes Music Entertainment   Comments (0)

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