South Carolina rapper Tre Sav has great solo debut numbers


New York, NY. Feb. 1, 2015 -- Debuting at #16,000 out of over 30 million records on the Amazon Music best sellers chart was a big jump for South Carolina rapper Tre Sav, - and would be for any underground rapper for that matter - but most recently his debut single "WISH" peaked at 6 thousand on the Amazon Music best seller's list.

South Carolina rapper Tre Sav has lived in the underground world for quite some time, but most recently decided to make some major career changes that payed off big time. His decision making has seen him as one of the top selling Forbes Music Inc artists of all time, front page feature on Urban Insite and making his first major inpact on the world of mainstream radio.

"The third month of a single is always the big month of a single as far as radio goes." said D'ron Forbes [Head of Radio Promotions at Forbes Music Inc] - "We prepare for this 3rd month like our lives depend on it. Publicity, sales, advertising, interviews and more. In order to have a successful 3rd month you must have a successful first week in sales and the first 2/3 of the quarter must be flawless."

Tre Sav has also completed work on his 2nd single "CAROLINA" which will be released to iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify on February 3rd. A sneek peak of the single has already been released to YouTube. Artwork for the single has also been revealed in the past few weeks on the artists facebook page.

Savage Boyz - Carolina via YouTube

Tre Sav on Facebook

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