Xtreme Music Management, Signs Distribution Deal With Forbes Music Entertainment

Independent artist management company Xtreme Music Management struck a new partnership with Forbes Music Entertainment. Through the deal, announced today, Forbes Music Entertainment will handle global distribution for For Xtreme Music Management's artist roster, beginning with a forthcoming release by its premier artist Sunny Perez.

This is a newly established business relationship between the two companies, the pair will be working together for the first time. “I am extremely excited about this deal” said Lamar Rice, founder of Xtreme Music Management. “Although this is a new deal it is still 6 months in the making. We took a step back after looking into Forbes Music Entertainment. Know the type of company they are we wanted to build first. When we finally contacted them they took the time to hear me out and we closed the deal.”

Xtreme Music Management was founded in June of 2016, as a vehicle for artist management, event planning and merchandising, starting with the launch of Dawnyluv Blue. As a newly founded label they launched a branding campaign giving away Xtreme Music merchandise across the entire state of New Jersey, the company now feels as if it is time for the next step.

Aside from the upcoming, Ready by Sunny Perez, Xtreme Music is also excited about upcoming releases of artists Tuff Luck and Dawnyluv Blue. Although Blue was the first artist signed to the roster in 2016 she is still under development, Sunny Perez came to the label as a more polished artist and is planned to be the artist that kicks off the teams new deal with Forbes Music Entertainment.

“For the longest I have been taking the necessary steps to make it” said Sunny Perez. “I just wanted my city to believe in me and it's moments like this that make me value the game. I always had love for my city I just wanted them to love me back. This deal makes me feel like they finally do”.

Forbes Music Entertainment, which prides itself as being "a major machine for the independent," provides distribution and/or other services to a host of other labels, including Tilt Shift Records, Firehouze Entertainment, Walking Tall Records and 23 Music Group, among many others.

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