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Stock Market Academy founder and speaker D'ron Forbes is always looking to teach the young investors of Wall Street how to protect themselves from common pitfalls. One of the biggest issues that investors who are new to the stock market face is knowing when a stock is overpriced. As a leader in the investing community, Forbes has frequently heard young investors talk about buying a stock only to see the price fall days later. This is usually a case of purchasing above the intrinsic value of a company.

Forbes, who is also a financial journalist has announced his next set of articles will be based on this very issue. " My next set of articles will be to the "Value Investing 101" series" he said yesterday on social media. "I'm going to publish 24 articles over the next 12 months, teaching investors how to tune out the noise and seek out the best opportunities."

The stock market is constantly raving about the high flying opportunities and the next big stick to buy, but sometimes even the experts get it wrong. Not only that, it becomes hard to ignore the stocks that seem to just keep rising, trading at high valuations and defying all of the rules. Investors are well within their rights to question whether or not they should just give in to the fear of missing out. After all the stock market is about taking your money and finding investments that will increase your net worth.


The issue with high valuation names is when they fall they fell hard, sometimes by 50% or more. Looking for opportunities to buy into a stock is more about finding the company that has the best opportunities to grow, based on its intrinsic value. However, speculation around a companies growth based on what you think you know, rather than the company's finances is rapidly becoming the normal on Wall Street.

To combat this new craze D'ron Forbes has committed himself to the Value Investing community and is now due to publish his next set of articles on the topic Value Investing 101. The articles will talk about the intrinsic value of stocks, focusing on firms in different sectors of the stock market and also different topics geared toward value investing. The hope is that it will help investors see and understand that there is a middle ground between Value and growth. The first article is due to be published by mid November.

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D'ron Forbes is an avid value investor, stock analyst, public speaker and financial journalist. Forbes is most widely known as the founder of Division One Finance and one of the world's most renowned financial education platforms in the Stock Market Academy.

October 24, 2021 10:44am ET by Division One Finance  

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