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Queens, New York, Oct. 5, 2022 - Stock analyst and public speaker D’ron Forbes has launched a new finance and investing podcast. The show is meant to give insight to individual traders and investors by providing a deep look into stock portfolio management and options trading.

The first episode ‘5 Key Stock Picking Gems’ landed in the final week of September, followed by ‘Best Moves To Make When Stocks are Down’. The first few episodes are meant to be quick listens and easily digestible with more expansive episodes to come.

Total Return w/ Division One Finance will be doubling episode releases per week in the latter parts of October, but for now investors and traders can expect an episode once per week.

D’ron Forbes also hosts clubhouse rooms on stock trading and investing, value investing 101 and technical analysis. Forbes never sought out a traditional college experience. He started his journey in finance as a middle school student, and has continued his education in the field by attending online classes from Columbia Business School, Harvard and other reputable institutions. His goal is now to take what he has learned and share it with the world.

The podcast has already started to gain a semi-global audience but most of its listeners are from the United States. To stay up to date, those interested can subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and anywhere else podcasts are available.


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D’ron Forbes is a Financial consultant, Public Speaker and Host of the podcast Total Return w/ Division One Finance. The Stock Market Analyst they didn’t want you to know.

October 5, 2022 7:03pm ET by Division One Finance  

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