Jizzle's 'White Shit' Music Video: Watch It Now!

Major Music Promotions is proud to bring to you this major announcement. Independent Louisiana rapper Jizzle has released a new music video (White Shit ft GeeWee) from his first studio album "Listen To My Words". The unsigned rapper has been a feature artist for many years, but has finally decided to drop some new music on the world from his own point of view. Just 20 days into its release the new official music video for "White Shit" has already pulled in an astounding one hundred thousand (100,000) views on youtube. As a Louisiana rap artist, Jizzle of course had to keep it true to the streets. Warning all listeners not to judge a book by its cover saying, "'White Shit' is for those in real life situations where they have to do what they have to do, sometimes you have no choice but to hit the streets".

When asked: How is it for an independent rap artist right now?.... Jizzle responded _ "it's very hard as an independent artist rite now because of the simple fact of not knowning about the business... not really being able to really trust... its also hard to get recognized" After a record like this... I definitely think recognition is a tad bit over due. Although he has a long way to go before he reaches the status of such independent greats as Tech 9ine, or Immortal Technique, Jizzle is well on his way and with his own children as his main source of motivation, I am positive he has yet to begin showing the world what he has in store. Be sure to look out for the full project from Jizzle titled "Listen To My Words" coming sooner than you think.

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