Music producer looking for independent rappers and singers

    Must be 21 years of age or older.

Looking for independent rappers and singers interested in taking their career to a more successful and prominent level.


The number one way to measure success is to count the amount of people you have working for you. -- Madd Focus

In order to succeed in the music industry you need more than just the idea of what you want, you need the connections to make it happen. As a radio promoter and tour promoter at Forbes Music Entertainment, Madd Focus is one of the top independent promoters in the U.S.. With radio connections in over 38 different states and marketing professionals located all over the globe, he has translated his marketing expertise into over 150,000 record sales and 3 national tours since 2014.

"Killin' Hip Hop" by Nastyelgic became a best seller with a drastic increase in sales and streams!


Marketed and promoted by Madd Focus of Forbes Music Entertainment

Now, with the assistance of Forbes Music co-founder Christina Lynn Forbes he has managed to create the perfect environment for independent artists to thrive. Christina is a 4 time award winning songwriter as the formerly distributed through Def Jam and Sony Music Entertainment through Game On Lock. Madd Focus is himself a 4 time award winner, including the ever elusive "Radio Promoter Of The Year 2014".

Forbes Music Entertainment is projected to run over 165 national radio campaigns, 45 major advertising campaigns and 17 nationwide tours by 2018. These movements are projected to bring in over 115 million dollars in revenue to the company and also to you as an artist. That number can drastically increase if new artists can be brought into the situation in time to launch with the program.

Currently Forbes Music Entertainment is looking for a group of new upcoming rappers with dope records ready to go out to the radio as soon as possible. If you are 21 or older with radio ready music and you don't have a problem investing into your own music career please call the phone number provided below. The music MUST be properly mixed at least as mastering can be provided by our engineers.

D'ron Forbes | Radio and advertising
C: 504-329-0884
T: @DirtyScopeBeatz

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