Delhi, Louisiana Hip Hop/Rap Music: Rapper T'Millio Unveils New Official Website and New Single

Delhi, Louisiana unsigned rap artist T'Millio was born to be a rap star. Highly influenced by artists such as Drake and Lil Wayne, as well as other independent artists around him, during his last year of middle school he found a new love and it was music. He had now became all too curious what it would feel like to be on a record of his own.

It wasn't until his sophomore year of high school that he found something involving music to be a part of. He joined the school band at Delhi High School and was lead on the bass drums. The section would go by the name of 'Choppa Squad' or as some may have called them 'Red Thunder'.

After high school he joined the United States Air Force as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Apprentice, hoping to gain enough revenue to fund his true dreams of being a rap artist. It wasn't until the completion of his first year in the military in late 2013 that T'Millio would get his first taste of the recording booth, and what it was like creating music of his very own.

Although he had written his first song all the way back in 2008, it wasn't until now that T'Millio was able to hear himself on a real record. When asked what it was like recording his first single 'Make It Out', T'Millio replied "It was exhilarating and surreal. Hearing myself through the speakers for the very first time was crazy".

T'Millio says the one thing he can't wait for, is to perform live in the front of a packed house, and signing a record deal is also a huge goal for him. He has named Def Jam as the record label in which he would love to join, and he is motivated to achieve that goal by his family.

Another one of his goals in making music is to inspire those who choose to listen. He hopes to also one day get in the studio with Drake to make some records. T'Millio is here for the long haul. He doesn't intend on giving up until his dreams come true, and when they do... he intends on being here for a very long time.

November 2, 2013 7:46pm ET by Forbes Music Entertainment   Comments (0)

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