Underground Rap Artist 'JRell Rainman' Doubles Up On The Radio Airplay Charts

Underground rap has been the anchor to the music industry for centuries. Without underground rap artists the music industry would be in a constant shuffle looking for artists to create new hip hop songs to feed the massive fan base that hip hop has attained since its inception. There are but a few artists who hear the call and go above and beyond to answer.

JRell Rainman is most definitely doing his part to ensure that the market for hip hop music does not go dry any time soon. The Jackson, Mississippi underground rap artist released two extraordinary hip hop songs on October 1, 2013 and since their release they have been on top of the radio airplay charts, showing no signs of ever coming down.

The first single 'Poles and Dollas' was world premiered on the underground hip hop internet radio station 'IBFU Radio' on the day of its initial release, and immediately blasted its way to a top 10 spot in the airplay charts. That was only a small sign of things to come for the young, up and coming rapper.

Soon after 'Poles and Dollas' had world premiered, JRell Rainman hit the radio station once again with a new single called 'Dope Status' featuring another underground rap artist by the name of Papa Duck, that was released the same day, but had never made it to the radio airways. Two weeks after the premier, Jrell received a phone call with news that the unthinkable had happened. He now had two songs ranked in the top 10 and his new single was also rated five stars by the listening audience.

The 'Dope Status' single was released late last night to youtube for those of you who consider yourselves youtube music fanatics. Both songs can also be found on thisis50.com, GMT radio, IBFURadio.com and more. You can also show your support by purchasing a copy of JRell Rainman 'Dope Status' ft. Papa Duck on iTunes.

To listen on youtube now go to youtube.com/yaboyjrell

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