Independent rap artist 'Lil Chris' seeks to change Snellville, Georgia for the better through his music.

"For immediate release"

For years the tone of the Snellville, Georgia rap scene has been tainted with a never ending storyline of violence.

Rappers from the North Atlanta area have seemingly been a constant reminder of how quickly things can go up in smoke.

A prime example is a young rapper by the name of 'Dolla' from the very same area was gunned down while waiting in the valet area of the Beverly Center on May 18, 2009.

His killer would later be acquitted of all charges, and his murder would go on with no justice being served to this day.

Independent rap artist 'Lil Chris' has vowed to make a major change in his community, and use the success of his music to create a better environment for Snellville residents.

Coming from a city where most news feeds from its music scene has been filled with reports of young rap artists dying does not make this an easy task.

Rapper 'Lil Chris' who is originally from Toledo, Ohio has been a member of the Snellville community for quite some time and says "I want to bring positive vibes to this community".

Of course there are many communities all around america that need more positive vibes but there are not many rappers with Lil Chris's mind frame that are reaching out to change things.

Rapper 'Lil Chris' seeks the help of every Snellville, Georgia resident to make this change happen.

Support 'Lil Chris' by checking out his music on youtube and sharing it with your friends.

Check out 'They Hate Me, They Love Me' by Lil Chris on Youtube -

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