Independent Recording Artist 'Maine' Is Re-writing The History Of Long Island Music

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Long Island, New York is a city that at first thought, we may relate to anything and everything other than hip hop music.

However, looking at the lesser known fact that Long Island, New York consists of four counties which include the likes of Brooklyn (Kings) and Queens, you may see things differently.

Long Island has bread legendary artists such as Jay-Z, Rakim, LL Cool J, Mary J Blige, Public Enemy, EPMD, Busta Rhymes, and many more.

I sat down and spoke with independent recording artist 'Maine' (Jermaine Johnson) who began his journey as a Long Island musician with a lot of these legendary artists as his main influence.

He very quickly states that knowing the legendary status of Long Island, his goal is not to compete with the history, but write his name in the history books as well.

Being an r&b artist, Maine does not take lightly to the fact that there are not many r&b artists to have made it from his home town.

As we spoke more Maine later declares that of all the artists listed above, he most seeks career long success like that of LL Cool J.

“Not many of the people I went to school with are a successful parts of society” Maine expresses reluctantly as we got deeper into the topic of success.

“Half of my graduating class are unsuccessful” Maine adds.

He also expressed his desire to simply “make good music and find a way out”

Maine is now working as an independent artist trying to establish his brand “Ghetto Life Music” (started in 2006) which he started after his former manager (not to be named) botched the two major offers he had on the table from Atlantic Records, and Arista Records.

Aside from working on his album “Ghetto R&b” Maine is also a part of a group called “The Bigg East” with former “Leaders Of The New School” member "Dinco D”

The first single off of Maine's album has already been released under the title 'I Can't Explain It' and is available on youtube.

The single 'I Can't Explain It' is obviously a worldwide fan favorite as it soared to the top 5 highest rated records on the radio airplay charts of internet radio station IBFU Radio, holding it down at no.2.

The official music video is already on the way and in the final editing phase, to be released in just a few weeks.

Check out Maine - 'I Can't Explain It' on youtube now!


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