JRell Rainman becomes second most popular Mississippi rap artist on youtube

Mississippi recording artist JRell Rainman has taken music news headlines by storm over the past few weeks.

After debuting on IBFU Radio at no.3 on the airplay charts for his single 'Dope Status' feat. Papa Duck, the rising Mississippi rap star is in the headlines yet again.

Recent studies shows that after only two weeks on the youtube music scene JRell Rainman feat. Papa Duck - 'Dope Status' is currently ranked no.2 for Mississippi rap artists on youtube.

The artist is also doing well in the underground rap artist ranks on youtube where it is currently ranked no.22 overall.

Considering the amount of music uploaded to youtube daily, having a song ranked at the top is an unbelievably rare occurance for most independent rappers.

The song has pulled in over 780 organic views, and is on a consistent rise in that category as well.

"I am just happy to have my song being heard and having all of the views be authentic. To be considered in top mississippi rap artists without even including it in the title of the song is something I could have only imagined."

Jrell also goes on to say: "Now I can also see myself being more relevant and more recognizable. I am more motivated than ever to continue on making music. Its amazing what great music promotion can do."

JRell is currently working on some new material that he is looking to release pending the definite success of 'Dope Status' over the next few weeks.

For more information on this artist email myrocspace@gmail.com

Listen to JRell Rainman feat. Papa Duck - 'Dope Status' below:

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