IBFU Radio Reveals Top 10 Independent Artists In Airplay Charts for Final Week of December 2013

Internet radio station IBFU Radio has released its final report of the year. The chart positions over the past 6 months have been all but predictable.

There have been a total of 20 different records holding the no.1 spot, and no record has withstood the test of time at the top.

Today the internet radio power house announced that the final no.1 spot of 2013 was locked down by Maine's 'I Can't Explain It'.

This song has blasted its way to the top of the charts once before, debuting at no.2 after its first week on the air.

This week's top 10 list is a real shocker to say the least, as some songs that have not seen the charts since their premier have finally made their way into the mix.

Radio Airplay Charts - Week 4 - December, 2013

  1. Maine - I Can't Explain It

  2. Smoke Loc - Check My Background

  3. Loc Star - Where The Ladies At

  4. Lil Chris - They Hate Me, They Love Me

  5. CLKash ft. Focus - Aint Gone Ever Quit

  6. JRell Rainman ft. Papa Duck - Dope Status

  7. D-Rock - Crown Me

  8. Ike Ellis - Nothing Is Impossible

  9. Frank Flippen - End Of Sky

10. Top Notch The Don - You Can Get It


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