Mallory Knox release storming new track 'Guts' ahead of self-titled album release

'Mallory Knox' is set for release 16 August


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Mallory Knox’ forthcoming self-titled album is a cathartic experience for the band, front to back, and new track ‘Guts’ embodies that catharsis.

“I've wanted to write a song like Guts for years now,” says vocalist and bassist Sam Douglas. “Mallory originally was always about trying to create something big & epic sonically & we never really found ourselves with the opportunity to write a song as in-your-face, fast and short as Guts is, until now. I love how it closes the album. As soon as it was recorded, it was my intention to have this song close the record, purely because it’s the polar opposite of all the other album closers we’ve had in the past.”

‘Mallory Knox’ is set for release 16 August via A Wolf At Your Door and ‘Guts’ follows its lead single ‘White Lies’, which was released a couple weeks back. The band have also announced an extensive UK tour in September and October which will see them visit a host of towns they’ve not played in before. Mallory Knox will also play a special album release show in their hometown of Cambridge on 16 August, as well as Truck Festival in Oxfordshire on 27 July.

In their new album, Mallory Knox are not afraid to talk about their experiences and use their new aggressive flair to get their point across. From their honest critiques of the backwards workings of the music industry that they have come into contact with over the years to their relationship with social media and the headache that it conjures, Mallory are not holding back for anyone.

Possessing a love of music that continues to get deeper, a brotherhood that has only gotten stronger as the years have passed and an album that represents who they are and who they want to be better than anything they have produced before, this is the moment that Mallory Knox truly come into their own. Using everything they have learned over the years to propel them forward and a desire to keep on writing better and better songs, ‘Mallory Knox’ is the album the band have always been threatening to make.


Psycho Killer
White Lies
The World I Know
Fine Lines
Black Holes
Heartbreak Lover

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