GIN WIGMORE Releases New Single Bursting With Positivity and Light

'Feels Like Me' is Out Today Via 333 Wreckords Crew


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"I’ve always wanted to write a song that had an abundance of hope and good feels,” says celebrated singer songwriter Gin Wigmore of her new track, released today via 333 Wreckords Crew. “Feels Like Me is one of those songs. It’s a walking-on-rainbows-and-sunshine type of song. This was a really fun track to write too, it felt light and not overly heady which was a welcomed departure from the usual headspace I get into with songwriting."

Each of Gin’s current series of singles is highlighting a different endangered animal of the world and particular charities involved in their conservation. ‘Feels Like Me’ aims to bring awareness to Asian Elephants and the crisis they face in their rapidly declining population. As Gin states “Asian elephants are endangered. It is presumed that less than 35,000 are left in the wild today. They are killed at a rate of around 100 per day, every day. Asian Elephants are poisoned or shot due to interference with human settlements and/or agricultural production that has cut off their ancient migratory routes and caused severe forest devastation to their natural habitats. In addition, entire herds are slaughtered by poachers for their meat, skin and ivory tusks. This issue demands more awareness and immediate action. With this single, I will be urging listeners to “Play Your Part” by making a public pledge as to what they will personally do for Asian Elephants, so that these iconic animals can continue to be a part of this wonderful world. Feels Like Me will play its part by sponsoring Chhouk, a baby Asian Elephant, who is being helped by Wildlife Alliance to get back into the wild again after losing his foot in a poachers snare and becoming gravely ill from infection.”

‘Feels Like Me’ is the second in a series of tracks that Gin is releasing this year, following on from the contemplative ‘Hangover Halo’, which signified the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her remarkable journey. A touching and particularly soulful “Naked Edition” of ‘Hangover Halo’ was also released, along with an animated video highlighting the cruel industry of tiger cub petting and calling for action against it.

2020 sees the Auckland-born, now US-based artist, independent of a major label for the first time in her career and with a newfound sense of freedom in partnership with the artist-oriented collective 333 Wreckords Crew, which was founded by Gin’s husband Jason Aalon Butler, frontman of the band Fever 333, in 2019.

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