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Marina and the Diamonds to crack America in 2011?

Welsh pop singer Marina Diamandis, most known by her guise Marina and the Diamonds, plans to crack America in 2011.

This year was promising in the UK for the singer/songwriter with the release of her debut album, ‘The Family Jewels’, and in an interview with the Daily Record she has admitted that she will be relocating to the States for a while next year:

“America is a big old country and I have a lot to prove. I am going to go there next October for a year and a half."

“Now is the time to do it when I am young and I haven't got babies or other grown-up responsibilities."

She also explained that the Big Apple would be her ideal destination as she doesn’t have a driver’s license:

“New York has a fantastic energy. LA is too spread out for me. I can't drive, so basically it is New York or nowhere.”

Watch her video for 'Oh No!' here: