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Maroon 5 on Gwen Stefani collaboration: 'It's serendipitous that she's on the song'

Adam Levine, of Maroon 5 fame, has revealed that getting to work with Gwen Stefani on new song 'My Heart Is Open' was a great experience and the band is excited that the track features on their forthcoming new record, 'V'.

The heartthrob told Ryan Seacrest that they decided to collaborate before she joined him on 'The Voice' and it ended up being everything he hoped it would be:

"It’s awesome. I love that song so much. I co-wrote that with Sia. Gwen is so amazing on it."

Levine continued: "It’s serendipitous that she’s on it. We decided to do it before she was on the show [The Voice], which is hilarious. Right before she announced the show, we got this going, so it was a total coincidence.”

Earlier in the month, Levine told the BBC that the success of 'Moves Like Jagger' caused them to feel 'drunk on hits' and they began chasing that kind of fame:

"On 'Overexposed', there was a very conscious effort to have as many hits as we possibly could. It was very gluttonous in that way. The band had this new-found success from The Voice and then 'Moves Like Jagger' and we were very excited because we hadn't had hits for a while. So we were very hit-drunk."

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Listen to 'My Heart Is Open' below: