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Adam Levine says album sales are "falling short"

Maroon 5's Adam Levine has spoken to Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper about his disappointment at the low sales of the band's latest album, 'Hands All Over'. 

The record, which is Maroon 5's third full-length release, was released in 2010 and has enjoyed some successful singles including 'Misery', which was recently covered by 'Glee', and 'Never Gonna Leave This Bed', but Levine has named the music industry as the cause for its less than desirable reception:

"I'm really not that happy, but I kind of have to be happy given the circumstances of the record industry - it's definitely in a weird place right now. Because this isn't our break-out record; it's just another Maroon 5 record. But I think it's a great record. I want it to be well received. There's just no way of knowing until you get to the end. It's a marathon. We'll see how it goes. It is selling. It's nice to know people are buying it every week."

He added, assertively:

"It's falling short in some ways, but you have to face that. You can't pretend it doesn't exist. But it's doing well at the same time. When you become accustomed to a certain level of success, anything less becomes unsatisfying."

Watch Maroon 5's new video for 'Runaway' here: