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After years of individual professional experience, Michael Foster and Alex Girón decided to develop what would be a life changing project for them. The guys morphed into Makaws: a pop band brimming with what feels like sunshine infused music containing hope and love and a real fun dancefloor vibe. The band release their new single “Feeling” on 31st May 2019.

While spending long hours creating their own sound and writing songs, Makaws quickly decided to very carefully self-record and produce and LP in a basement in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. They were both lucky to receive help from outstanding characters like Aleix Vilardebó (producer) or Jairo Ubiaño (drummer) which were crucial for the understanding and quality of the project.

Some months after, the guys decided to leave everything behind in Spain and move to Brighton UK with the aim of releasing their music here. The perfect place for two creatives: a half ‘Wigan-ese’ brought up in Spain and a pure Spaniard, both fighting very hard for their dreams. After their move, they´ve been working behind the scenes, finishing the tracks and playing in local venues as well as busking. Brighton is THE town for that kind of multi-faceted creativity, after all. Now they’re finally ready to release their two first singles “Feeling” and “Invincible”. Exciting times for this new vibrant band.
Makaws are not afraid to change lyrical direction either: Michael, the songwriter, had noticed that in the past he’d mainly relied on sad feelings and melancholy while writing. “Writing sad songs is a lot easier that writing happy songs”. Being sad is something that lasts longer, and happiness seemed to be more of an ephemeral moment. Since then, he’s to developed and has worked on his writing to evoke the beauty of good things, of heightened emotions and of new moments in life. This is reflected perfectly in “Feeling”. As he says:

“Feeling reflects the beauty of a love at first sight, the tension and mixed feelings that come along when seeing someone you´re attracted to for the first time and trying to interact with that person. Also, we can perceive the ability of stupidly falling in love in a few minutes and wanting to give everything you have to that person without even knowing him/her.”

A sentiment to which we can all relate!

May 31, 2019 5:47am ET by Matrix Promotions  

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