Aspiring British Pop Star Neave Zaria Releases Her Debut Single 'If I See You'


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At just 18 years old Neave Zaria is an emerging star: a bright up and coming artist from just outside London. She's been singing from a very young age and has been creating quite a buzz to industry ears- so much so that she was invited to attend X Factor boot camp aged just 14. Despite the producers attempts to change her mind, Neave turned it down and instead went on her planned school trip to Mongolia, which was one of the best experiences of her life. Since then Neave has been fine tuning her sound and recording her own music, getting ready to bring it to the world entirely on her own terms. If I See You is her debut single and is released 28th February 2020.

Neave was a musical prodigy from the start; she started playing violin at the age of 8, gravitated to piano and then taught herself guitar and trumpet, but singing was where she truly excelled. She sang for family and friends for many years, performing and developing her own distinctive style. Her vocals are beautifully at odds with her youthful speaking range and when she sings it morphs into the husky, mature, smoky soulful voice that characterises her unique sound. It is inspired by all the great female artists from across the ages: from Nina Simone to Amy Winehouse and, currently Jorja Smith. Neave would very much like to follow in their footsteps and leave her mark on her fans and for them to take her and her music to their hearts. As she says herself:

“I can remember singing along to Amy when I was about 7 or 8, she had one of the greatest female voices I’ve ever heard. It still gives me goosebumps now. I want my music to inspire people like the great singers inspired me. I want to touch people emotionally because that’s what music is to me, it’s a language of the soul”.

If I See You is a song about how the passage of time changes the way you feel but never changes who you really are inside. It was written after a chance encounter at a large garden party, where Neave stood up and sang - a cappella - Elton John’s Your Song. At the party was a music producer who was blown away by her performance, and offered to help Neave write and produce songs. They have been working together as a creative team ever since. They now have a substantial body of work ready to release globally this year with several singles, and a debut album planned for release in the Autumn.

If ever there was a star on the rise and a talent to watch closely this year it is Neave Zaria.

February 28, 2020 4:12am ET by Matrix Promotions  

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