Genre defying Manchester band The Cuza release their latest single 'Leeches' today



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Manchester 2023: Vocalist, Transylvanian native and adopted ‘Mancunian’ Tudor Todut, guitarist and songwriter Wayne Edwards, guitarist and keyboard supremo James Adams, bassist Shaun Taylor and drummer Ryan Ormerod collectively make up the visionary and genre-defying band The Cuza. They release their second single off their debut album “A Life Full Of Colour” (out later this year) called “Leeches” on 23rd March 2023.

It took a while of searching, and perhaps some divinely ordained universal luck, but when Tudor met the Mancunian musicians, the stage was set for a truly inspired musical collaboration. Since then, the band have become a tight musical unit and pride themselves in their originality and prolific work ethic; inspired and informed by their individual eclectic musical tastes, from Northern Soul to Death Metal, from Bowie to Slayer. Nothing is out of bounds when it comes to generating fresh ideas that culminate in a wealth of emotive music. The Cuza effortlessly take you on melodic journeys through the senses: from sad and reflective trips through our emotional inner-scape to vibrant, soaring, uplifting life-affirming anthems, to hook-laden bangers that invite you to dance ‘til you drop. There are simply no barriers.

The band are also unrivalled in a live environment, headlining their own shows to great acclaim, as well as having supported notable legends such as New Model Army. The band delight in and making each one of their gigs unique and exciting: you will never experience them playing the same set twice.

Their forthcoming twelve track album was recorded at Abbey Road, Metropolis and Larkins Farm and was produced by Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters and Muse). The album also showcases the band’s versatility as guitarist Wayne explains, “there’s a variety of moods in there and every track has a story to tell.”: And, indeed, their latest single "Leeches” is one such (cautionary) tale. Songwriter Wayne explains his inspiration: “…James played a Riff in rehearsal that reminded me of those 60s classic Early Mod bands. I expanded it into a full track and put it to a story I had in my head about greedy gold diggers getting their comeuppance.”

Beware all ‘Leeches’! The Cuza know ‘Karma’ is coming for you…

March 23, 2023 11:56am ET by Matrix Promotions  

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