Fabulist Releases Debut Single 'Bad Man'

Welcome to the world of Fabulist – a new story of electronic music that’s decorated in story, meaning, influence and direction. The launch of the Fabulist project introduces a talented producer that’s taken on a role as an ambassador for electronic music that carries a narrative and concept. The dark and edgy ‘Bad Man’ is a first listen of the Fabulist format. Dark, tripped-out and nervous in rhythm and melody – the production is an unusual format that pulls together a stack of uneasy synths and a compelling bass section, all tied together with the drums and dark vocal repetitions of the tracks’ name – ‘Bad Man. This is a first look at Fabulist – a name that’s going to be popping up a whole lot more in the next year and we’re looking forward to hear what’s up next.

Mulit-tasker, Producer and all round musical talent – Fabulist has been working hard on a new and exciting breed of electronic music and with his first releases lined up for the back end of 2014 – we’re happy to introduce you to a talent that’s got a bright future ahead of him. Never a mind to be rested, Fabulist boasts a relentless work ethic that keeps him constantly working forward. No doubt a highly creative mind – Fabulist sets out to rubbish speculation that all electronic music is soulless and void of any deeper meaning than a producer sitting at a computer clicking buttons and twisting dials. Every project that Fabulist undertakes starts with a concept, be it a story, emotion or theme – he sits down with a clear goal and writes a story, with synths, samples and production tools as his pen.

‘Bad Man’ is available now as a free download on Soundcloud.








October 1, 2014 10:54am ET by Matt Caldwell PR   Comments (0)

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