K3yFl0 - Bustin At Em

Ernest Leonard Jenkins III, better known as K3YFL0, releases his latest single ‘Bustin At Em’. One of three singles that will be featured in his upcoming EP ‘Pursuit of Perfection’, which will be released on the 1st of January, 2015 – K3YFL0 is carving out a solid reputation for himself as a reliable source of high-end and dance floor ready productions.

From the very start of the production, the Trap, Hip Hop and electronic influences are transpired through the rap-like vocals, sounding on top of a Trap inspired, looped pattern stack. The introduction of the drums marks also a change in the retriggered vocals. The lyrics become more phrased and rhythmic, working in tandem with the drum groove to create a complex array of rhythmic infused patterns. ‘Bustin At Em’ is given more depth and low-end with the use of deep synth basses which take over the role of the drums, driving the beat through the drop section. The drums are later introduced again together with a bell-pattern, intensifying the experience and adding another layer to the well-executed mix. During this section K3YFL0 makes use of varied vocal patterns to change the moods of the production at specific points of interest. This part subsequently falls into the most drastic drop throughout the entire track. The melodic line of the bells and the high-pitched synth create a sense of anticipation, which resolves when the vocals are re-introduced together with a straight kick pattern. An intense deep synth bass pattern drives the concluding part of the single, which ends off with a synth melody with sporadic bell hits to add colour.

New Jersey producer K3YFL0 has developed a memorable sound built around hard 808s, distorted snares, and deep synth basses. K3YFL0 is set to initiate the New Year with this unique single, which is already picking up strong plaudits at pre-release. ‘Bustin At Em’ is absolutely a track to watch out for in 2015.

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