Bloque M Lines Up 'House Jam' EP

Kick-starting the Loop Current Records project for 2015 – House mastermind Bloque M is setting the bar high for the future with the incoming release of ‘House Jam’ – a four track EP that sets the standard for this new imprint.

Kicking off with a wild piano number carrying the name of the EP – ‘House Jam’ drives momentum forward with a slick arrangement of classic piano lick shots and a percussive organ bass, which collectively do the job of carrying the up-tempo and highly rhythmic drum arrangements.  It’s upfront, juicy and tribalistic – whilst the tempo and rhythmic elements push it hard into the most energetic forms of House. A fine way to start an EP.

‘Whiskey Wild’ confirms Bloque M’s love for tribal influences in this second track, which once again carries a stiff groove. This time leaning on a more brass-like lead synth – an infectious melody loops on through the majority of the track’s length – opening and closing in pressure into the breaks via some hype-inducing reverb and delay growers. It’s another fine addition to the EP and further proof of the quality foundations the label is laying down.

A vocal phrase introduces ‘Basic’ – another rolling House groove with a sumptuous middle break, custom designed for the main room. Bloque M devises a flurry of hi hat and FX rolls to create drama leading into the bass-heavy drops and grooves, which pulse over a dreamy vocal section.

The final track ‘Cold Filter’ takes a techy twist with a devious lead that’s soaked in reverb and offers a steady background for a twisted selection of warped and pitch bent vocal stabs. It’s a classy end to an EP that’s shaping up to be a big start to life for the Loop Current Records movement.

It’s a huge launch for the label and Bloque M with this release lined up for takeoff in March. With a clear sound identity and a signature sound already in the making – there’s plenty to be excited about as we watch the label take their first steps forward.

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