Uber Kings' 'Stadium Bounce 1991 EP' Out Now On Uber Fit Records

Sydney based Mic Uber, better known with his moniker Uber Kings has now released another distinctive project called ‘Stadium Bounce 1991 EP’. Out now on Beatport this three-track package is set to continue Uber Kings’ EP tradition, now adding up to three.

Uber Kings has been on the rise as one of the most original electronic music acts in Australia, with his self proclaimed “House from 2017 caught travelling in 1991” sound. Moreover his intricate blend of inspirations from Sydney’s Rave scene, UK Hardcore, Breakbeat and House, has become a trademark that sets him apart from his peers. Under many different aliases, Mic has enjoyed world class support from the likes of: Kissy Sellout, John Peel, DJ Mehdi, Aphex Twin, Atomic Hooligan UK and most recently DJ Teenwolf.

Inspired by House and Bounce, ‘Stadium Bounce 1991’ is the lead track within this EP. Kicking off with a powerful drum beat and an uplifting synth arrangement, the single introduces an infectious loop that becomes a highlight within the introduction. The track transcends into a dirty synth riff before shifting into a clean piano melody, heading into a huge drop. The subby, bass-filled drop encompasses distinctive melodic effects that aid both rhythmic and harmonic aspects within the production. The low end is taken care of with the use of deep bass-synths, offering a punchy bass-line upon which a Drum & Bass inspired section is then built. As in all other singles, the classic UK Rave influences are very prominent, whilst the Amen Break fortifies this link even further.

Next up is a House and Sydney Bounce influenced single by the name of ‘Oh!’. A forceful drum groove sets the tone for what’s to come, whilst the production gets into a devastating synth melody, later boosted with a healthy dose of low-end. The punchy bass-line drives a massive ascension, fusing into a powerful chorus which revolves around the blend of old-school and modern sounds. The next section is Uber Kings’ surprise up the sleeve for this single, unleashing phasing and pitch shifting effects to crave for. The Aussie producer shows total control over energy levels in the single, managing dynamics with precisely planned song sections and smartly devised sounds.

The EP closes off with ‘Do You Like That (Trap Mix)’. Whilst the original mix of the single received an internationally recognised release on the legendary Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Records B-Sides, this new offering is serving the role of adding a bass heavy Trap reprise to Uber Kings’ signature House and Bounce soundscape. Definitely the bassiest of the three tracks on the EP, this single offers an original alternative to the rest. The ripping synth melody offers a contrasting feature to the deeper elements, whilst colouring the track with the barrage of FX and pristinely executed edits. The vocal snippets spice up the single, whilst the Trap drop is a definite focal point within ‘Do You Like That’. Like the other two productions, this single is a showcase of Uber Kings’ deep musical knowledge and vast influences, with which he’s managed to create his own recipe of electronic music.

Uber Kings has decided to release this production on his own label Uber Fit Records. Home to his other projects ‘Alright EP’ and ‘The Ping EP, which were both released in 2014, Uber Fit Records encompasses Uber Kings’ creative musical vision and is the perfect platform for his distinctive and innovative productions. ‘Stadium Bounce 1991 EP’ is yet another feather in Uber Kings’ hat and will certainly set the pace for more of his unique releases in 2015.


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